Our Seasons

Winter (Dormant Vines)

  • Plan for the coming year
  • Fix indoor fixtures and maintenance on equipment as needed
  • Winter pruning (positioning spurs and setting number of buds)
  • Tie up cordons (tying plants to the wire)
  • Trellis repair (fixing the structure that holds the plants up)
  • Remove trimmings
  • Dormant sprays
  • Soil samples


Spring (Bud Break & Flowering)

  • Fertilize
  • Begin spray program
  • Trellis maintenance and erect new trellising
  • Cluster thinning (removing excess fruit to control crop levels)
  • Shoot thinning (removing excess shoots)
  • Shoot positioning (to allow sun penetration in the canopy)
  • Disk and drag vineyard expansion areas
  • Layout new vineyard for expansion
  • Plant new vines
  • Petiole sampling

Summer (Ripening of Fruit)

  • Irrigation
  • Disease control, insect control and bird-deterrent activities
  • Leaf removal (to allow sunlight on the grapes)
  • Hedging (green shoot trimming)
  • Grape sampling (testing for brix and ph)
  • Yield estimation and planning
  • Remove grow tubes from new vines

Fall (Harvest)

  • Pick grapes
  • Plan for next year
  • Order new vines