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Reserve Vidal Blanc
This dry white is well balanced with pear & citrus flavors. The palate is smooth with a light, fresh, clean, bright finish.

Missouri Seyval
This oaked white has vanilla & spice on the nose, a medium mouth feel and a lingering citrus finish.

Becca Blend
This white blend is the color of the bronze Love Locks with a sweet floral nose, a light body and a crisp short finish. This wine has notes of citrus and honey.

Vidal Blanc
This sweet white has honey and anise on the nose with a smooth, long finish of caramel and butterscotch.

This pale light straw colored Vignoes has hints of young pineapple, green apple and honeydew. This wine is smooth and medium bodied with a long, rounded finish.

This dry Sparkling has delicate peach and floral notes. The palate is fresh and lively with citrus and melon flovors.

This pale pink semi-dry sparkling has a beautiful, delicate nose and is a well-structured, welcoming wine.

This semi-sweet Sparkling has a subtle orange blossom nose and has clean, crisp fruit flavors.

This golden Port style wine is rich with vanilla & almonds on the nose &: has a honey, citrus &: nutty, lingering finish.
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With aromas of candied fruit, vanilla beans, plums & figs, the creamy texture of this wine has a smooth finish. Hints of toffee, orange citrus and coffee linger in the taste.

This dry Rose is... strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in summer......

This bold dry red is a blend of three oak toasts and has a soft finish. Hints od cinnamon, vanilla & smoke make this garnet-colored full-bodied red ideal as a dinner companion or to enjoy with smoked meats, strong cheeses, berries, BBQ & spice cake.
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Reserve Chambourcin
This dry red is the perfect balance of oak and fruit. Aged in oak for 13 months, this red has hints of spice, smoke and dark berries.

Fire Pit Red
A well balanced dry red blend and just the right symmetry with the fruit & the oak. This wine does not need to be paired and is the perfect complement to a great evening with friends by the fire.

Missouri Chambourcin
This smooth red is the color of deep plum with a rich fruity nose, a long finish & the right mix of plum, spice and crushed violets.

Loft Red
The light Chambourcin is a semi-dry red wine with soft character, light, berry aromas & a smooth finish. Hints of grapefruit, raspberries & cherries make this an easily paired, bright wine & a crowd favorite.

Sweet Enchanment
Aged in stainless, this sweet but balanced wine explodes with fresh Concord grape flavor.